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Food & Beverage

FB001 - Candy Jars - WEBSITE.jpg

Candy Jars

ITEM # FB001

Rental Price: $40.00

Measurements: 5"x5", 4"x5", 5"x7.5"

Quantity: 1

Item Description: Comes with 10 different vases in different sizes. Scoops included. Candy sold separately.

FB003 - Red Bucket With Rope - WEBSITE.j

Red Bucket

ITEM # FB002

Rental Price: $10.00

Measurements: 17.8 Gallons

Quantity: 2

Item Description: Large red bucket with rope handles to use as an ice bucket.

FB004 - 5 Gallon Orange Drink Dispenser

5 Gallon Cold Drink Dispenser

ITEM # FB003

Rental Price: $10.00


Quantity: 1

Item Description: Five gallon orange drink dispenser.

FB005 - Silver Ice Buckets - WEBISTE.jpg

Silver Ice Buckets

ITEM # FB004

Rental Price: $5.00

Measurements: 8.5" x 8"

Quantity: 4

Item Description: Stainless steel ice buckets that can hold 1 bottle or 3 cans.

FB007 - Wicker Trays - WEBSITE.jpg

Wicker Trays

ITEM # FB007

Rental Price: $5.00

Measurements: 17"x 17"

Quantity: 4

Item Description: Rustic wicker trays that can be used for food service or food display.

FB006 - Medium Galvanized Buckets - WEBS

Medium Galvanized Buckets

ITEM # FB005

Rental Price: $8.00

Measurements: 11" x 6"

Quantity: 2

Item Description: Medium silver galvanized ice bucket that can hold 1 bottle or 6 cans.

FB008 - Ice Bowl With Scoop -

Ice Bowl With Scoop

ITEM # FB008

Rental Price: $5.00

Measurements: 7"x 8"

Quantity: 1

Item Description: Large clear footed ice bowl and scoop.

FB007 - Large Galvanized Buckets - WEBSI

Large Galvanized Buckets

ITEM # FB006

Rental Price: $12.00

Measurements: 15"x 10"x 6"

Quantity: 2

Item Description: Large silver galvanized ice bucket that can hold 2 bottles or 10 cans.

FB009 - Clear Ice Bucket - WEBSITE (1).j

Clear Ice Bucket

ITEM # FB009

Rental Price: $4.00

Measurements: 8"x 8"

Quantity: 1

Item Description: Clear ice bucket with handle. Can hold 1 bottle.

Martini Glasses.jpeg

Martini Glasses

ITEM # FB010

Rental Price: $1.25/ea.


Item Description: 12 martini glasses per box

Wine Glass.jpg

Wine Glasses

ITEM # FB011

Rental Price: $0.75/ea.


Quantity: 14

Item Description: 12 wine glasses per box

FB012 - Tea Pots - WEBSITE.jpg

Tea Pots

ITEM # FB012

Rental Price: $1.50/ea.

Measurements: approx. 39 oz

Quantity: 6 

Item Description: Variety of sizes, shapes and colours. Average of 4-5 cups of tea per pot.

FB013 - Large Silver Cake Stand - WEBSIT

Large Silver Cake Stand

ITEM # FB013

Rental Price: $8.00

Measurements: 13"x 5.5"

Quantity: 1

Item Description: Large stainless steel cake or cupcake stand

FB014 - Small Green Cake Stand - WEBSITE

Small Green Cake Stand

ITEM # FB014

Rental Price: $5.00

Measurements: 8.5"x 3"

Quantity: 1

Item Description: Green vintage style small cake stand.

VC002 - Vintage Cupcake Tray - WEBSITE.j

2 -Tier Vintage Cupcake Tray

ITEM # FB015

Rental Price: $8.00

Measurements: Top tray 8", Bottom tray 12.5" x 10"

Quantity: 1 

Item Description: Vintage clear glass two tiered cupcake tray.

Clear Glass Large Punch Bowls

ITEM # FB016

Rental Price: $6.00

Measurement: 12" depth x 5.5" height

Quantity: 2

Item Description: Large glass punch bowl with 10 cups (optional) and 1 ladle per bowl.

Sealed Rustic Wood Slabs with Feet

ITEM # FB017

Rental Price: $5.00

Measurement: 12"x 12"

Quantity: 2

Item Description: Beautiful sealed wooden slabs with feet. Perfect for food and beverage display.

Clear Ice Bucket

ITEM # FB018

Rental Price: $12.00

Measurement: 20"x 40"

Quantity: 1

Item Description: Large clear ice bucket, perfect for beverage display.

Stainless Steel Ice Bucket Stands (1).jp

Stainless Steel Ice Bucket Stand

ITEM # FB019

Rental Price: $25.00

Measurement: 10" depth x 60" height

Quantity: 1

Item Description: Stainless steel ice bucket and matching stand, perfect for beverage display.

Glass Candy Jars (1).jpeg

Glass Candy Jars

ITEM # FB020

Rental Price: $20.00

Measurement: Varies by jar

Quantity: 4

Item Description: Glass candy jars, candy sold separately.


6 Piece Bar Wear Set

ITEM # FB021

Rental Price: $10


Quantity: 1

Item Description: This copper plated stainless steel set includes; bottle opener, double jigger, cocktail strainer, cheese knife, and cocktail spoon on the wooden stand. 

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