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Vintage Collection

VC002 - Vintage Window Frame - WEBSITE.j

Vintage Window Frame

ITEM # VC001

Rental Price: $30.00

Measurements: 34"x 24"

Quantity: 1

Item Description: Rustic white wooden window frame.

W014 - White Bird House Card Holder - WE

Vintage Mail Box Card Holder

ITEM # VC002

Rental Price: $15

Measurements: 13 x 12"

Item Description: White bird house card holder with mail slot.

VC003 - Mason Jars - WEBSITE.jpg

Mason Jars

ITEM # VC003

Rental Price: $2.00

Measurements: 7"x 4"

Quantity: 12

Item Description: Clear glass mason jars with white and beige cloth accent.

W006 - Wood Ladder - WEBSITE.jpg

Wood Ladder

ITEM # VC004

Rental Price: $25.00

Measurements: 40"x 7"

Quantity: 2

Item Description: Rustic looking wooden ladder decor.

VC007 - Grey Bird Cage - WEBSITE.jpg

Grey Bird Cage

ITEM # VC005

Rental Price: $15.00

Measurements: 16"x 8"

Quantity: 1

Item Description: Metal grey openable bird cage.

VC006 - White Bird Cage - WEBSITE.jpg

White Bird Cage

ITEM # VC006

Rental Price: $20.00

Measurements: 20"x 10"

Quantity: 1

Item Description: White bird cage with rose detailing.

VC004 - Yellow Bird Cage - WEBSITE.jpg

Tall Yellow Bird Cage

ITEM # VC007

Rental Price: $50.00

Measurements: 40"x 12"

 Quantity: 1

Item Description: Tall bright yellow bird cage.



ITEM # VC010

Rental Price: $20.00

Measurements: 19"x 13"

Quantity: 16

Item Description: Table chandelier with candles included.  Available in white or gold.

VC005 - Blue Bird Cage - WEBSITE.jpg

Small Blue Bird Cage

ITEM # VC008

Rental Price: $10.00

Measurements: 14"x 8"

Quantity: 1

Item Description: Turquoise bird cage with openable top.

W003 - Wood Crate - WEBSITE (1).jpg

Vintage Wood Crate

ITEM # VC009

Rental Price: $15.00

Measurements: 19"x 13"

Item Description: Rustic wooden crate with rope handles. Come with LOVE sign or CARDS sign on burlap sting.

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